Beauty is our language

We believe that beauty is different for every person. We study the different features, characteristics and lifestyle. We create a tailor made look and style. Just for you !



Our Services

We take your Hair so special because you are just “Hair”(ex) cellent

At Beauty Addicts, we want our clients to have the best experience, so we don’t lump everything into one broad category. We value the emotion we pass across. This inspires us to always sustain the tradition of providing.


“Hair”(ex) cellent services


Our packages include consultation, scalp massage & blow-dry services. Color services include color conserve strengthening treatment.


Beauty Addicts suggest that the best way for us to understand your needs is to see you. We advise that you come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists if you do not wish to commit to a full-service appointment!


Eyelash Extensions that make you “Flawless.”

An eyelash extension from Beauty Addicts makes you flawless all day. Every lash is customized and designed to provide inspiration, confidence, and show-stopping experiences for you when applied. Get your natural beauty on high. Beauty addicts is the place for long, full eyelash extensions designed to make you flawless.



Beauty Addicts makes eyelashes from premium synthetic lashes curled to enhance your natural eyelash. Medical-grade adhesive only is utilized to attach the extension to your natural eyelash.


Beauty Addicts see eyelash extensions as something beyond art or commerce; it is a comprehensive service that should be taken seriously. Beauty Addicts takes precaution to provide you with the best products, services, and outcomes so you can enjoy your flawless eyelashes.


Setting the makeup artistry standard

Beauty Addicts’ world-renowned makeup artists and eyebrow specialists have beautified and will continuously beautify the faces of women, brides, fashion models, and makeup enthusiasts alike.


“Beauty Addicts” refers to everyone who loves quality makeup and beauty products or experience. The passion for beauty and style comes through in every stroke of our brush. This inspires us to bring out the best in every one of our clients.


Let us create perfect brows and beautiful lips color to enhance your facial features

Beauty Addicts offer safe ways to enhance natural beauty while reducing the time for makeup. Cosmetic tattooing, also known, as makeup is quite distinct from the traditional tattoos, as it is pigments that are used to design the face, and the results are amazing.


Each cosmetic service begins with a consultation, where potential outcomes, and we discuss your expectations. Beauty addicts will work with you to create the ideal shape and color for your face.


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